Owner of this Site:
Uta Neumann
Pflügerstraße 15
12047 Berlin

phone: +49 171 1402584

USt-IdNr. DE237349655


Working Method

My interest involves in the unseen in-between and the unspoken lying-behind. My photographic work is founded on the discovery of the conditions and situations which cause us to reflect upon our essential being. I photograph the human, urban and natural landscape. The urban and nature landscapes are representations of humanity‘s desires and growth, of our actions, of our very being – and thus, in turn, of our mortality and death. These landscapes mirror humanity‘s desire to subjugate nature through the imposition of order and structure. Of particular fascination to me is the transitive moment when the superficially apparent - the alleged order and beauty - tilts into the failure concealed behind it. My motivation is to render this irritant tangible within my photography. I find my motives worldwide - on side scenes and peripheral areas, to city boundaries and in vacant lots, which are characterized by the transition from civilization to nature.

Transition includes modification and change from one state to another. I‘m interested in the topic of the transitory moment, where a wealth of opportunities can coexist. This process, which is characterized by presence and absence, suggests a possible event. This event invites me - the viewer - to a dialogue of the moment. The recollection of this moment of attention and perception is one of my main motivations for my photographic work.